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Smart video search & alerts

Camio is the most accessible & intelligent video monitoring service

No New Cameras Required
Get smart video monitoring for the cameras you already have. Camio Box connects IP cameras and NVRs to intelligent search & alerts, and you can even re-use smartphones, tablets, and computers to record.
Unlimited Guests
Unlimited Storage & Cameras
Connect as many cameras as you want in one streamlined feed. All your video is automatically stored for the last 30 days in the cloud. Try it with your cameras free and upgrade to Camio Plus for only $9.90 / camera / month.
Technology that Learns
Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, Camio is able to identify the most important events that were recorded. Camio also learns what you care about from the way you use it, so it gets smarter over time, continuously improving your alerts.
Unlimited Guests
Unlimited Guests
Unlimited Guests & Two-Way Talk
Share your account with the people you trust. Add friends and family as guests, so they can check in on a loved one, give last minute instructions to the nanny, or say hi to your pup.
Personalized & Precise Alerts
Create zones, like "front porch", so you can receive alerts that matter most to you. Camio captures your feedback to fine tune the alerts that are relevent to you.
Tamper-proof Cloud Storage
Camio serves all your recorded images & video from the cloud, so you never have to worry about reliability or speed. And your live streams use the latest technology standards to work across devices and browsers.
Secure & Private
Every connection to Camio is encrypted with 128-bit encryption and perfect forward secrecy, and every video is stored under the AES-128 Advanced Encryption Standard. No one - including Camio engineers - can ever see your feed, unless you explicitly choose to share it.
Easy On Your Network
Unlike cameras that upload video continuously, Camio records in HD only when there is important motion. That means your Internet connection isn’t bogged down when using Camio, even if you’re using multiple cameras. Camio’s interest-based video compression saves money too.
Compare Camio
See how Camio stacks up to other security options
Traditional Security System DIY Security System Camio
Initial Cost $2000 $220 $0
Monthly Cost (30-day history) $39 $29 $9.90
Long-Term Contract Yes No No
Setup Time Days Hours Minutes
Bandwidth Usage N/A 600 kbps, 200GB/mo 500 kbps, 8GB/mo
Daily Summaries No No Yes
Smart Video No No Yes