Reduce total cost of ownership by 90%.
Improve continuously.

Improve continuously without limitations on storage, server capacity and network controls. Deploy resources exactly when and where needed via real-time threat alerts to cover 50x more locations with fewer resources.

We chose Camio because we didn’t want to have to do this again in four years.
Director, Communication and Networking Systems
Premier Bay Area University

Give cameras the power to see and understand what’s important.

Camio uses cloud-native infrastructure to enable existing cameras and AI to lower video surveillance TCO (total cost of ownership) by 90% — without licensing fees, proprietary hardware or lock-in.

Manage operations with enterprise-level IT.

Open APIs ensure easy SaaS integrations— including G-Suite Directory, Splunk, Moogsoft and BigQuery—for reliable enterprise-level IT logging, alerting and access control. Software patches and upgrades are automatic. Cloud Storage expands automatically to comply with retention periods required.

Gain 50x more efficiency.

AI and Machine Learning identify and summarize the important events to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone video review. Camio learns continuously for 90% fewer false positives and 5x faster video review.

Detect unauthorized access automatically.

Tailgating detection is triggered by entry unlocked, forced open, and held open access control events. Camio works with any access control system and has integrations with OnGuard (Lenel), Openpath, Brivo, and C-Cure.

Automatic alerts are sent to any browser, app, or system to notify of crowds forming, unauthorized access or suspicious events.
Customizable dashboards provide real-time data and highlight trends.
Usage-based pricingallows you to choose which cameras to activate when — and add services as needed.
Cybersecurity best practice including TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy key rotation, 256-bit AES encrypted storage, outbound-only port 443 network traffic, and comprehensive audit logs protect networks and data.

Protect More with Fewer Resources.