Covid-19 Mitigation

Save Lives and Livelihoods

Light up existing cameras in less than an hour to protect employee health and maintain business continuity. Real-time alerts indicate issues as they happen and interactive dashboards reveal problem areas and long-term trends.

We deployed Camio in remote mining locations in 45 minutes to protect people from COVID-19 transmission risks. The automated vigilance helped the team operate safely and confidently with no business interruption.
Jose Borroni
Chief Technology Officer, Cemin

Turn your security cameras into risk mitigation tools.

Protect employee health and your business operations with Camio automated social distancing detection, mask-wearing compliance and contact tracing. Camio anonymously tracks and analyzes movement without storing biometrics or PII. Real-time alerts are sent when violations occur and interactive dashboards measure policy effectiveness.


Protect people and business

Camio uses AI and existing cameras to turn output from 2D cameras into insights about social distancing and mask compliance in 3D. Cemin, a remote mining operation, implemented Camio in less than an hour to protect the health of hundreds of employees that work and live in close proximity and ensure business continuity.
$4M in loss prevention in one month
45-minute, remote deployment
346K events per month
Get AI-Driven Insights

Receive real-time alerts on any browser

People not wearing masks or less than 6 feet apart trigger automatic alerts accessible via any web browser. Interactive dashboards track mask-wearing and social distancing to measure policy effectiveness and indicate problem areas.


Use existing cameras to trace contact

Camio annotates security video with access control events like "access granted" to quickly find the video related to any door opening. After determining the time range of entry and exit from buildings, the query "too close without mask" helps identify incidents in which the infected person may have transmitted the virus to another person.

Save Resources

Decrease investigation time by 7x

It's common for a single COVID-19 contact tracing investigation to cost more than $1,500 and take 18 hours on average. With Camio, it takes only 2-3 hours. Camio provides tamper-proof audit logs of the actions performed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

Keep people healthy and operations running.