Free of rabbit holes.

Camio puts your cameras to work on an open innovation platform.

Improve continuously without vendor lock-in.

Vendors often try to pull you down their rabbit hole. Proprietary hardware, restricted integrations, expensive licensing, and closed ecosystems result in mediocre solutions that inhibit innovation. Camio empowers you to deliver the best security solutions—continuously as the technology landscape changes—by exploiting the latest advances in an open video processing pipeline.

Innovate faster for less

Reduce costs, speed innovation with IT-savvy infrastructure.

Leaders in every industry are shifting IT workloads to modern Kubernetes environments. Companies in manufacturing, biotech, retail, real estate, higher education, and finance all choose Camio to power their video surveillance across 35 time zones.

Remove Risks

Eliminate risks with the best cameras, edge and cloud

The Camio containerized pipeline enables the latest AI and continuous learning without proprietary hardware or lock-in. And open APIs ensure easy connectivity and modern SaaS integrations for ongoing improvement.

Future-proof your pipeline

Modern video infastructure

H.264 video streams from any camera as input
On-premise gateway box or VM automatically connects to video streams
Box gateway analyzes video streams locally on the network for bandwidth and cost efficiency
Recorded video can be accessed instantly from any web browser on any device
Save bandwith

80% less network bandwidth

Unlike cameras that upload video continuously, Camio records in HD only when there is important motion. That means your Internet connection isn’t bogged down when using Camio—even if you’re using multiple cameras. Camio interest-based video compression saves money and can also operate in metadata mode at only 30 kbps/camera.
move workloads anywhere

Containers—run AI anywhere

Containers house code, dependencies and the environment in one logical block. They are portable and deployable on any hardware that supports containers. That makes them ideal to execute AI models anywhere in the pipeline. Containerization speeds the painful development, packaging and deployment process and makes it predictable and consistent. Using Kubernetes—a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services—Camio enables AI applications to run across different platforms, toolsets, and chipsets.

Improve continuously

Technology that learns

Using the most advanced Machine Learning algorithms, Camio identifies the important events that were recorded. Camio also learns what you care about from the way you use it, so it gets smarter over time, continuously improving your daily summaries and alerts.