Unauthorized Access Detection

Protect people, property and your bottom line

Automatically detect tailgaters and intervene every time there is an unauthorized access event. Camio provides real-time information that empowers security and management teams to account for everyone in the facility.

Camio set up our tailgating solution in less than an hour using our existing cameras. Now we're able to protect our profit margins by charging for non-member guests and protect the well-being of everyone who passes through our doors.
Luther White
President and CEO, NRG Lab

Detect and deter unauthorized access using existing cameras

Protect against unauthorized entries that lead to thefts, threaten employee safety and compromise intellectual property — instantly. Tailgating (“piggybacking”), door held open, door ajar and passback events threaten your workplace assets. Take action before threats become incidents.

Deploy quickly and easily

Turn cameras into automatic tailgating detectors

Using AI and Machine Learning , Camio turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors — without the cost and complexity of installing specialized devices. Cameras gain a new sense of depth and understanding by segmenting and tracking people as they move on a 3D floor-plane grid that defines the areas inside and outside of each entrance.


Identify unauthorized access events in real time

Camio integrates seamlessly with access control systems such as Openpath, Lenel (OnGuard) and Brivo. The compute power for Artificial Intelligence/Computer Vision is dynamically provisioned in the cloud to analyze each access control event. Camio’s SaaS deployment ease also provides budget flexibility in choosing which doors to monitor when.

Respond in Real Time

Get automatic alerts on any browser

Each time the number of people passing through an entrance is greater than the number of people authorized to enter, Camio triggers a tailgating alert. Alerts are sent automatically to authorized personnel — and optionally to the people involved in the tailgating incident.

Identify Trends

Monitor and learn continuously

Interactive dashboards help staff view streams, communicate with team members, even send incident links directly to law enforcement. Dashboards also identify trends and vulnerabilities, and measure the impact of security policy changes with data comparisons to prior periods.


Satisfy strict IT requirements

Ensure complete security with TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy and 256-bit AES encrypted storage. Remote access is secure with no open in-bound network ports, and Camio operates securely by isolating the camera network from the corporate network.

Move from passive evidence collection to active security.