Occupancy Insights

Put cameras to work for inexpensive people counting

Camio Occupancy Counting and Dwell Times put existing cameras to work counting people for real-time data and alerts.

Enhance operations and safety with occupancy insights

Get automatic alerts when lines are long, waiting rooms are full, or even when gym treadmills are open. Existing cameras give insights into occupancy levels and dwell times for more informed staffing, merchandising and tenant decisions. Data is stored in Google BigQuery for universal access and integration using standard SQL.

Camio supports two occupancy counting methods:

Occupancy Sampling for periodic crowd counts, and
Virtual Turnstiles for precise in/out flow counts

Occupancy Sampling for periodic counts

Camio Occupancy Sampling delivers the highest ROI through variable-rate, query-based sampling using the standard field of view of existing cameras — without specialized sensors or overhead mountings. Counting is initiated by simple queries like “people west campus courtyards every 5 minutes” for the best price and performance.

Precise counts

Virtual Turnstiles for precise inbound and outbound counts

Virtual turnstiles provide precise positive and negative flow counts with inter-event tracking without storing PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Cameras gain a new sense of depth and understanding by segmenting and tracking people as they move on a 3D floor-plane grid. Events are uploaded to the cloud in real time and available for indexed search within an average of 14 seconds from the time of the event occurring

See patterns and activity

Dwell Times Reveal Common Patterns and Unusual Activity

Camio automatically calculates dwell time by tracking the time each individual enters and exits a particular zone. Understanding the time people spend in specific areas of retail environments improves merchandising and marketing decisions. And unusual dwell times can often highlight activity that may present a security risk.

Get real time alerts

Real-time alerts sent to any browser

Any search query can be turned into an alert triggered when too many people are congregating or when any other criteria are met. Alerts are sent automatically to authorized personnel and can be viewed from any browser on any device.

Identify Trends

Advanced reporting and real-time metrics uncover trends

Dashboards identify trends and compare data to prior periods. Camio also enables custom reporting that can be grouped and summarized by any dimension, including time of day, geography, zone or arbitrary tags. Trendline reports are especially useful to measure rates of change.

Deploy quickly

Flexible usage-based pricing and remote deployment

Because Camio is software-based, deploying Occupancy Counting is simply a matter of “lighting up” existing cameras. There are no client apps to download, no systems to integrate, and no proprietary apps to purchase. It’s fast and easy to get up and running—like opening a web page in any browser. And usage-based pricing makes it cost-effective.

Get Cost-Effective Insights from Existing Cameras.