Stop gym tailgating.
Recover lost revenue.

Camio automated tailgating detection works with any access control system to detect unauthorized access and earn back lost fees.

automated tailgating detection at gyms and fitness studios
Camio set up our tailgating solution in less than an hour using our existing cameras. Now we're able to protect our profit margins by charging non-member guests.
Luther White

Turn existing door cameras into automatic tailgating detectors.

Camio uses AI to detect people that haven't been authorized by your club's access control system. Charge members who knowingly allow unauthorized guests and boost revenue by an average $1,600/month.

Cost & ROI

At $125/door per month, Camio pays for itself in the first 6 tailgating incidents each month. Not to mention—it’s an automated way to engage new members.

How it works


Activate Camio quickly with your existing equipment

What you'll need:

Your existing entrance camera. Camio works with all IP cameras that support industry standard RTSP.
Your existing access control system. Camio integrates with any access control system—including those shown here.
One-time remote deployment with your IT support or one of our Camio Certified partners.

Recover costs & convert new members

Customizable emails are automatically sent to members who allow tailgaters. With video evidence, it’s easy to see which tailgating events are polite mistakes and which are intentional. Courteous emails can be sent automatically to members who violate your guest policy to charge guest fees or to invite their friends to become paying members.

It appears that you held the door open for a person when accessing the club.
The fee for allowing someone access without a membership check-in is $20. In the future we ask that you do not allow anyone into the facility without scanning their badge. If your friend would like to sign up for a membership, we’ll put this $20 toward their first month.

Camio is a member of the Global Health and Fitness Association

Camio made it simple to detect unauthorized guests automatically using our existing security cameras. It's a really convenient way to ensure our members and facilities are well-protected while also recovering lost guest fees and welcoming new members.
Mike Gudierian
VP Operations and Facilities, The Alaska Club

Boost profits and protect members with existing cameras and AI.