From 1 to 1000s of cameras

Camio works with all cameras, DVRs, NVRs and VMSs that support standard H.264 RTSP video streams.


Camio is an open platform for smart video monitoring. It scales from a single pet cam at home to 1000s of video streams in commercial buildings.

To make the purchase and installation of security cameras and NVRs simple, Camio has partnered with manufacturers and professional system integrators for their selection of equipment and expertise in the design and deployment of camera systems.

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Indoor and outdoor nightvision cameras with both 1080p and 1520p resolution


Outdoor nightvision cameras for home and neighborhood security


16+ video streams with 1080p and 1520p cameras in large buildings


Indoor nightvision cameras with and without audio for small offices


Discrete indoor cameras

Pet care

Inexpensive indoor and outdoor cameras for your pooch or kitty

Outdoor PoE

2 weatherproof nightvision 1080p PoE cameras for front and back coverage

NVRs & Kits

Muti-camera systems with NVRs

App accessories

Phone & tablet stands, mounts, motion-triggered lights, and chargers for Camio app recorders